Wooden Surface

- Avoid from direct sunlight as this may caused surface to get lighten or darken.
- Advisable to use protective pads with placemats when placing extremely hot utensils on the furniture surface.
- Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners on the furnitures, as this may damage the fnish of the furniture.
- Do not pour polish directly onto the furniture.
- Do not write on thin paper over the surface of the furniture without protective pad.
- Avoid silicone which may damage the fnish.
- Avoid certain chemicals and materials which may react with wood fnishes.
- Do not polish and wax frequently.


- Direct sunlight can damage the fabric / leather’s original brightness and lustre. It makes the material brittles and weak as well.
- Dust your upholstery, carefully vacuum the surface using a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment.

Stain Remover Guide

Heat Mark
- Rub gently along the grain using a dry steel wool soap pad or a cloth dampened with mineral spirits, or rub gently along the grain with extra fne steel wool.
- Wipe clean and wax or polish.

Paint Mark
- If it is fresh, remove latex paint with water and oil based paint with mineral spirits.

Sticking Paper
- Dampen the paper throughly with salas oil, wait 5 minutes and rub along the grain with extra fne steel wool. Wipe dry and wax or polish.

Wax or Gum
- Harden the substance by holding an ice cube wrapped in cloth against it, then use your fngernail or plastic card to remove it. Rub the area with extra fne wool dipped in mineral spirits. Wipe dry and wax or polish.

Cigarette Burn (Light)
- Rub with scratch - concealing polish, or with a paste of linseed oil and rotten stone, working with the grain until the burn mark dissapears.